LM Clapham Traditional Family Butcher, suppliers of the finest fresh meat, game and deli produce. 

Christmas 2019 

Below is a selection of what we have available to order for the 2019 Christmas season. Orders can be placed in person or over the phone on 01403 252822.  


Fresh white turkey hens from 3kg to 11+kg (6lb to 25+lb) 
£9.90 per kg 
Fresh white turkey hens with boned and rolled legs 
£11.10 per kg (bone in weight) 
Boned and rolled fresh white turkey hens 
£12.00 per kg (bone in weight) 
Fresh bonless turkey breast joints 
£13.50 per kg 
Fresh bronze turkeys from 4kg to 8kg (10lb to 19lb) 
£13.90 per kg 
Large roasting chickens (capons) from 2.5kg to 3.5kg (6lb to 8lb) 
£9.50 per kg 
Large roasting chickens (capons) from 4kg to 4.5kg (9lb to 10lb) 
£10.50 per kg 
Fresh chickens from 1.2kg to 2kg 
£3.95 per kg 
Fresh chickens from 2.2+kg 
£4.10 per kg 
Gressingham geese from 4kg to 7kg 
£14.00 per kg 
Fresh ducks from 1.8kg to 2.8kg 
£7.25 per kg 
£9.00 per brace 
Other poulty is available upon request. 

Beef, Lamb, and Pork 

Corner cut topside 
£13.20 per kg 
Rib of beef on the bone  
£16.80 per kg 
Ribeye roast 
£25.00 per kg 
Rolled sirloin 
£18.00 per kg 
Fillet of beef 
£45.00 per kg 
Sirloin steaks 
£28.75 per kg 
Rump steaks 
£19.60 per kg 
Ribeye steaks 
£25.00 per kg 
Legs of lamb 
£14.40 per kg 
Shoulders of lamb 
£12.40 per kg 
Legs of pork 
£8.95 per kg (boneless) 
Sparerib pork 
£8.95 per kg (boneless) 
Loin of pork 
£8.99 per kg (bone in) 
Smoked gammon joint 
£10.90 per kg (boneless) 
Unsmoked gammon joint 
£9.20 per kg (boneless) 
Other products are available upon request. 


£8.89 per kg  
£9.20 per kg 
Cocktail sausages 
£9.50 per kg 
Pig in blankets (chipolatas wrapped in streaky bacon) 
£9.20 per kg 
Sausage meat 
£8.50 per kg 
All sausage products are available in both plain and savory flavours. We are happy to take orders by either weight or number of sausages. 

Cooked meats 

Ham joints (cooked on the premises) 
£15.00 per kg  
Sliced ham (cooked on the premises) 
£1.50 per 100g 
We also have a large delicatessen selection available including other cooked meats such as corned beef and haslet, a wide range of cheeses, and a number of pies and pasties. All cooked meats can be ordered by weight or by number of slices. 
Our shop is always well stocked with a variety of joints and cuts of free range beef, pork and lamb. Our meat comes from local farms, where the animals are slaughtered and then hung (matured) for the right period of time. When the meat arrives with us, our traditional butchering skill ensures that it is expertly prepared for our customers. 

Sausages & Burgers 

Our delicious sausages and burgers are handmade on our premises.  


Fresh farm chickens are supplied from Suffolk. Turkey and duck are also available throughout the year. 


Fresh pheasants, venison and wild rabbits are available all through the season. 


Our deli is packed with a whole host of wonderful delights, including cheeses, meats, pates, ox tongues, haslet, corned beef and hams. 
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